We are specialist gold processors and dealers sourcing gold from small and medium mines all over the Great Lakes Region, and refining it to world class gold bullion.  Our hands on approach, resourcefulness and being on the ground enables us to buy and process the best quality gold available. We have years of experience handling gold transactions in a smooth, efficient and discrete manner. Privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed for all our clients.

We will provide you with gold bullion in whatever quantities you want in a safe environment, giving you peace of mind. Contact our experienced team now so we can start the process of securing your gold bullion.

We have built trust with clientele all over the world supplying them with highest quality gold, at the best prices, and within the shortest possible time. We pride ourselves on the efficiency of our services, guiding our buyers in every step of the way, while at the same time processing all the documentation and certificates required to enable you get your gold to your preferred destination.


With uncertainty in the global economy and turmoil in financial markets, gold has become a safe bet for investors and individuals all over the world. Over our life time the value of gold has increased by 1000% making it a great keeper of wealth.

Let our team of highly experienced individuals help you acquire the gold you need from gold bars, nuggets or other forms of gold bullion you may require.

We provide you with a one-stop solution for sourcing, buying, transporting and storing your physical gold investments. Your choice of a gold firm can mean the difference between success and failure as a gold owner. Choose the right firm and it will help you stay the course on protecting your assets from economic uncertainties.